Guangqi Honda e: NP1 Ji Pai 1 launched at RMB 175,000-218,000

December 13, 2022

  [Aika Automobile, domestic new car original]

  On June 20, GAC Honda e:NP1 Jipai 1 ( parameter | inquiry ) was officially launched, and the price range after comprehensive subsidies is 175,000 to 218,000 yuan . The new car is the first model launched by GAC Honda’s new electric brand e:NP (Chinese name: Jipai), which is positioned as a pure electric small SUV. The Jipai brand will set up a separate 4S store, adopting online + offline dual- channel integration model, creating a new offline system of electrified sales service stores and supermarkets. In terms of car purchase privileges, the new car provides peace of mind warranty (3 years or 120,000 km vehicle warranty, 8 years or 150,000 km three-electric warranty), Unbounded Zhilian (OTA 5-year free upgrade, 3-year free entertainment data, 5-year basic data Free), the first car owner charges at will (free delivery of charging piles or 2,500 yuan charging coupons), worry-free service (free basic maintenance twice a year, free road assistance, free door-to-door pick-up and delivery of vehicles twice a year, free two times a year Battery health check) Quadruple car purchase privileges.


GAC Honda e: NP1 is officially launched
car modelPrice after comprehensive subsidy (10,000 yuan)
CLTC cruising range 420kmExtreme Edition17.5
Advanced Edition18.9
CLTC cruising range 510kmExtreme Edition20.5
Blooming Edition21.8

Extreme Pai 1

  New car highlights

  ·  GAC Honda e:NP1 Jipai 1 is the "sister car" of Dongfeng Honda e:NS1 ( parameter | inquiry ) with a sharper front face design;

  · The new car is positioned as a small pure electric SUV;

  The new car is based on the e:N Architecture F platform developed by Honda;

  · The maximum cruising range under CLTC conditions is 420km and 510km respectively.

  New car introduction

GAC Honda 2022 Honda Extreme 1

GAC Honda 2022 Honda Extreme 1

  GAC Honda e:NP1 Jipai 1 is built on the basis of Honda's e:N Architecture F brand-new intelligent pure electric architecture. The appearance adopts the new "e:N Design" design language, and the shape is dynamic and sci-fi. The closed grille has been painted in matte black , with simple headlights on both sides. The charging port of the new car is set in the grille partition, and a fast charging port and a slow charging port are designed respectively. Two officially called "Heart beat interactive light language" are installed in the black trim above the charging port. A light strip that lights up when charging. In addition, the luminous "H" logo fits the avant-garde image of the electric vehicle, conveying a simple and exquisite visual experience.

GAC Honda 2022 Honda Extreme 1

  On the side of the body, the e:NP1 Ji Pai 1 adopts two waistlines with obvious kinks, creating a body posture with a low front and a high rear, which in turn strengthens the sporty atmosphere of the new car. It is worth noting that the new car does not use low-drag wheels, but uses multi-spoke matte black painted wheels to make it look more sporty. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the new car are 4388*1790*1560mm, and the wheelbase is 2610mm.

GAC Honda 2022 Honda Extreme 1

  In terms of the rear, the rear of e:NP1 Ji Pai 1 uses rich flat and straight lines to create a rich sense of hierarchy. The through-type taillights are three-dimensional in shape and have good recognition after lighting. It is worth noting that the tail does not use the classic "H" logo, but a brand new brand logo composed of "Honda" letters.

GAC Honda 2022 Honda Extreme 1

GAC Honda 2022 Honda Extreme 1

  In terms of interior, the e:NP1 Ji Pai 1 is equipped with a three-spoke steering wheel, the full LCD instrument panel adopts a floating design, and is equipped with a 15.5-inch ultra-large high-definition ultra-thin frame central control screen. The central control screen can be roughly divided into upper, middle and lower three. There is an area with the application interface displayed on the top, the menu in the middle, and the air-conditioning control area below. The car has a built-in Honda CONNECT 3.0 pure electric vehicle exclusive version, which integrates functions such as AI voice assistant, car-home interconnection, energy management, and OTA online upgrade.

GAC Honda 2022 Honda Extreme 1

  e: NP1 Ji Pai 1 is equipped with DMC driver state perception system, which can recognize the driver through the infrared camera, and can effectively identify the driver's fatigue state while recognizing the driver's face.

GAC Honda 2022 Honda Extreme 1

  In terms of power, e:NP1 offers two versions of motors to choose from, with a maximum power of 134kW (182 horsepower) and 150kW (204 horsepower). In the power battery part, the new car is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 68.8kWh jointly developed by Honda and Ningde Times. The maximum cruising range under CLTC conditions is 420km and 510km respectively. As for the chassis structure, the new car adopts a combination of front McPherson independent suspension + rear torsion beam non-independent suspension.

  e: NP1 extreme Pai 1 space performance

GAC Honda 2022 Honda Extreme 1

GAC Honda 2022 Honda Extreme 1

GAC Honda 2022 Honda Extreme 1

  Analysis of Competitiveness

  GAC Honda e: NP1 Ji Pai 1 is positioned as a small pure electric SUV. Competitors at the same level include the sister car from Dongfeng Honda - e: NS1, GAC Toyota C-HR EV ( parameter | inquiry ) , FAW Toyota Yi Ze ( parameter | inquiry ) E Jinqing, Mazda CX-30 EV ( parameter | inquiry ), Peugeot e2008 ( parameter | inquiry ), Weilan 7 ( parameter | inquiry ), etc. Compared with competitors, the e:NP1 based on Honda's e:N Architecture F new intelligent pure electric architecture has a lot of advantages over many "oil-to-electricity" competing products.

Dongfeng Honda 2022 Honda e:NS1

↑ Dongfeng Honda e:NS1

GAC Toyota 2020 Toyota C-HR EV

GAC Toyota C-HR ( Parameter | Inquiry ) EV

  At the same time, e:NP1 Ji Pai 1 is also facing cross-level competition, FAW-Volkswagen ID.4 CROZZ ( parameter | inquiry )/ SAIC Volkswagen ID.4 X ( parameter | inquiry ), BYD Song PLUS ( parameter | Inquiry ) New Energy, GAC AION Y ( parameter | inquiry ), Nezha U ( parameter | inquiry ), Xiaopeng G3i ( parameter | inquiry ) and other pure electric compact SUVs have the same price as e:NP1 There are overlapping intervals, and the cruising range of more than 500km faces cross-level competition, and e:NP1 also has certain advantages.

Xiaopeng Motors 2021 Xiaopeng G3

↑ Xiaopeng G3i

BYD 2021 Song PLUS EV

↑  BYD Song ( parameter | inquiry ) PLUS new energy

  Summary of the full text: As the first model of Guangqi Honda's new electric brand e:NP (Chinese name: Jipai), the launch of e:NP Jipai 1 means that Guangqi Honda has embarked on the road of electrification transformation in China, and plans to 2025. Every year, an EV model of the e:NP series will be launched. e: NP Ji Pai 1 has a good appearance and a relatively spacious seating space. Over the years, Honda has accumulated endorsements in handling and power adjustment. The future market performance of the new car is worth looking forward to.

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