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It's almost 2023, and the electric car born on Toyota's pure electric platform is finally here! Under the trend of full electrification of passenger cars, Toyota Motor is a bit impatient. Last year, it released 16 pure electric vehicles including the Lexus brand, including sedans, SUVs, pickups, and off-road vehicles . Among them, there are five models in the BZ series . The BZ4X is the first to land, and it has been put into production in GAC Toyota and FAW Toyota

As an electric vehicle born on Toyota's pure electric platform, the GAC Toyota BZ4X is completely different from the fuel version in terms of its overall design. 2.85 meters. The approach angle is 15°, the departure angle is 23°, the minimum ground clearance is 210 mm, and the passability is very high. The 18-inch aerodynamic wheels look very large, and this design helps to improve the cruising range.

GAC Toyota BZ4X is equipped with a ternary lithium battery from Ningde era, with two options of capacity of 50 degrees and 67 degrees. The mileage of the CLCT working condition corresponding to 50 degrees is 400 kilometers; while the range of 67 degrees is 615 kilometers, 560 kilometers and 500 kilometers according to the difference between two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. Another great feature of this car is that the roof can be equipped with solar panels. According to the official introduction of GAC Toyota, 1.6 degrees of electricity can be collected a day according to solar light, which saves charging time and costs and increases the cruising range. The charging interface is designed in the front fender area of ​​the car, with the fast charging interface on the left and the slow charging interface on the right. Personally, I think it would be better if the charging port is set at the front or the back, because the parking spaces near many charging piles are relatively narrow, and it is more convenient to drive in or back in. The battery pack is placed directly under the seat, and aluminum guards are equipped on the battery pack and the front and rear axle electrodes, which provide better protection for the battery and motor.

The rear tailgate adopts a large hatchback opening method, and the opening angle is very large. The distance between the threshold and the ground is not particularly high, and it is more convenient to carry some large luggage. The conventional volume of the trunk is 452 liters, and the rear backrests can be folded down by four or six points. After being folded down, a larger storage space can be expanded and some larger objects can be loaded. Most electric vehicles do not have a spare tire, and this car is also the same, but it is also a good choice to be equipped with an air pump and tire sealant on the lower right side of the trunk.

Sitting in the car, the entire interior is different from the driving experience cockpit of a fuel car. For example, the instrument panel is designed higher and front; The driver's line of sight is easy to operate. The large central control screen has a distinction between high and low configurations, the low configuration model is 8 inches, and the high configuration model is 12.3 inches. The functions integrated inside are very rich, including navigation, music, Bluetooth phone, voice control, etc.; the touch buttons below are functional areas such as seat heating, ventilation, steering wheel heating, and automatic parking. Traditional fuel vehicles are all equipped with mid-to-high-end models.

The knob-type shifting mechanism is very interesting. When the reverse gear or D gear is engaged, it needs to be pressed to operate, and the response sensitivity is particularly high. There are a total of five charging ports in the car, but all four are Type-c ports, and only one USB port is equipped in the armrest box. There is a lot of storage space in the front row, for example, there are two cup holders and a box for a mobile phone in front of the armrest box; the hollow design is also adopted under the central channel, which has a large volume, and it is no problem to put a paper drawer or a folding umbrella. In terms of interior workmanship and materials, the entire center console and door panels are made of hard plastic materials, but woven fabric covers are used in the main and passenger areas, which adds a sense of luxury. At present, most electric vehicles on the market use PTC heating method, but BZ4X is equipped with heat pump air conditioner, which saves a lot of energy consumption. The fit of the front seats is very good, and the support effect on the legs and waist is also good, and the ride is very comfortable. The four door buttons all have the function of one-key lifting and lowering, which is convenient to use.

The comfort of the rear seats is about the same as that of the front seats. The cushions and backrests are a bit hard, but the wrapping and fit are not bad. The space created by the expansion of the 2850mm wheelbase is very large, with nearly three punches in the legs and four fingers in the head, which is quite generous. The center of the floor is slightly raised, but not particularly high. The backrest angles on both sides of the rear row can be adjusted in two levels, which increases the comfort.

Driving experience, the test drive car is a four-wheel drive version, equipped with dual motors at the front and rear, with a total power of 160 kilowatts and a total torque of 337 Nm. It is better than the front and rear dual motors. When driving and accelerating, the accelerator response is particularly fast, and the vehicle feedback is not delayed, and it feels tight.

Due to the addition of batteries at the bottom of this car, the weight of the car body is close to two tons, and the heavy feeling when driving is obvious; in addition, the chassis suspension adopts the front McPherson and rear E-type multi-link structure, and it has passed the original Subaru Impreza and BRZ engineers tuned, so it is very sporty to drive. Rolling is also well suppressed when cornering at high speeds. There are two driving modes, Standard and Eco. In the energy-saving mode, the power feedback is slightly weaker, and in the standard mode, the power feedback is stronger. Generally speaking, the acceleration in the initial, middle and rear stages can achieve the driver's desired intention. This car is also equipped with a "single-pedal mode". After it is turned on, the drag feeling of the vehicle during braking and deceleration is not particularly obvious, and it is very linear. In terms of model selection, I recommend everyone to buy the 615-kilometer version, because its battery life and energy consumption are better than the four-wheel drive version.

To sum up, GAC Toyota BZ4X is an electric vehicle born on Toyota's pure electric platform. It is very innovative in design and configuration, but it does not belong to the top level in the three-electric field. In fact, it also meets Toyota's goal of pursuing stability and reliability.


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